What if?…

Do you constantly find yourself stuck between having to make so many different choices in life?its like just when you overcome one obstacle,another one comes tapping at your door and the cycle repeats itself.

We make so many choices daily that when things dont go right, our my minds start to wonder into the past and starts to replay all the events that have taken place and then we begin to wonder ,what if?…what if I had choosen a different path?what if I had made a different choice?what if I had chosen to continue to pursue my studies,what if I had chosen to resign,what if I had moved to the city of my dreams,what if I never gotten myself into that toxic relationship?would things have worked out for the better or would I have found myself still stuck in the same position that I have been in for months.

They often say that the decisions that you make determine the end results that you going to obtain,it can either be a bed full of roses or a garden full of thorns.Its up to you to make the right choice.Sometimes however we make decisions in a hurry,without giving our minds much time to process the details.We constantly keep replaying those what if moments in our mind that it eventually slows us down from actually enjoying the moments that are already present and within our reach.

Yes maybe the outcome would have been different if we had chosen a different path but then again nothing is in our control.Maybe we had to choose the current path that we on inorder to learn to start appreciating what is given to us,to learn to become stronger and wiser so that we can rise above all the obstacles being thrown our way and to realise what we truly worth so that we can surround ourselves with those that appreciate us as individuals.

We can not change the past but we can better our future.So stop wasting valuable time letting your mind wonder into the past and instead let it wonder into the present and start creating memories that will last for a life time.It is never to late to make a new choice,your future is in your hands and what you decide to make of it starts with you.

~Kelisha Naidoo

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